Fashion Secrets Women`s Front Knot Tie Velvet Bolero Shrug Cardigan Jacket, Plus Sizes

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Stay stylish with our Front Tie Bolero Shrug Cardigan. The rich 90% polyester, 10% spandex and a beautiful front knot tie design below the bustmakes this velvet shrug your everyday choice for a flawless experience. A must have for the fashionable woman. Breathable, lightweight, and velvety stretch fabric to give you that exotic look. This velvet cardiganis your go-to for a great evening with friends, date night, party, or vacation. Features an elegant aesthetic design to complement your style and every outfit. Stay chic and fabulous as you dress up that tank top & jeans outfit with our Front Knot Tie Velvet Bolero Shrug Cardigan. Cover up your camisole with our stylish new shrug cardigan to add a little formality while giving you a well-shaped feminine and attractive look. Our long sleeve velvet blazer boasts a very soft and comfortable fabric that stays light on your body and friendly to your skin. Available in a range of colors, you’ll be sure to find two or more colors that suits your wardrobe. Comes in different sizes to cater for the petite and plump woman.